Hello loves!
So…. in the long long time I’ve been absent… (yes, I know and I’m sorry!) autumn has arrived and I literally couldn’t be more excitedd!
The days are getting shorter and colder and everything from my wardrobe to my Instagram feed is getting less and less summery, and it’s actually quite cold outside! (I’m wearing a scarf inside whilst writing this because I’m just SO FRIKKIN COLD)
So sorry for being as basic as basic gets but I just can’t help it…
And because I know I’m definitely not the only one who loves autumn and autumn-related blog posts and video’s, I thought I would just share a few of my favourite things about autumn so here we go!
1. cozy jumpers and scarfs
I actually LOVE autumn/winter fashion, oversized chunky knits and bobble hats it is!!

2. Warm drinks
I’m still on the hunt for the perfect hot choc recipe because I tend to get quite sick of some hot chocolates, so if you happen to have the recipe for the best hot choc ever, let me know! But I love a good coffee or tea as well!

3. walks in the woods
The crisp, cold air, the leaves, acorns and chestnuts, warm and cozy clothing…. LOOVE
(by the way, if you hate the words cozy or autumnal, prepare yourself because I just happen to use them a LOT)

joanne mobiel 072

4. Autumnal colours

The leaves, the clothes, the decoration, EVERYTHING

5. berry lips
Gotta love the berry and red lip colours though…

6. cozy nights and cuddles
I don’t have a cute-ass boyfriend to cuddle with nor an appartment to transform in the cosiest space to cuddle in at the moment, but still…
Just a cozy night in bed, some films and a lot of food (and a cuddle partner wich I’m still looking for 😉 YES I know I’m a hopeless romantic) sounds perfect to me.

joanne mobiel 401
I know, not really autumn pics but I’ve gotta work with what I’ve got, sorryy xx

7. Scented candles
They make every space smell amazing and feel nice and warm so I always make sure to lit some when in need of some autumnal feels… 😉

Sadly, these weeks are quite filled with school and stuff for me but I try to enjoy autumn as much as I can!
Tell me what you’ve been up to this week I’d love to chat!

All the love, Xx Joanne


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