Oh man it feels like aaages ago when I was last sitting here at my little desk writing a blogpost!
Hello! I’m back!
soso soz I didn’t write in about 3 weeks(?)!
I think it has been 3 weeks, maybe 4, dunno but, you know the deal.
If you’re wondering why I haven’t blogged in so long; I was on holiday!
I know I could have planned the posts beforehand but I didn’t think about that soon enough before going on holiday and I didn’t want to put up shitty posts just to post, youknow?
So, I went to Italy for 16 days and I either had shitty wifi or no wifi at all, and I didn’t have a laptop or computer I could use, so I decided to just have a little break.
And the third week I went to family in Holland on a boat, but I just wanted to spend time with the fam so I decided I could just take a third week off as well and just be full-on back on blogging when I got back.
So since I got back last Saturday, it’s time to blog again!
We were staying in an apartment near Florence (Firenze) one week of our Italy trip, and the last week we had an apartment on the Island Elba! (I think it was in Capo Perla, not completely sure though.)
It was amazing and today I just want to but some photo’s of my trip here and I will post a ‘real’ post tomorrow or the day after!

So hello! this is me! it’s nice to finally have a face on here! 😉
if you’re a fan of yachts, go to Elba!
the cathedral of Siena
the Ponte Vecchio in Florence
the cathedral of Florence
just a nice view isn’t it?
yup, that’s me again


apparently the best icecream in the world!


the view from my bedroom window

So, that’s it for today! I will see you again very soon!

I’m looking for some new blogs to follow; comment your favs below!!

Also; I have a bloglovin’ page for this blog now!
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All the love, Joanne



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